• The Future is now

    We believe that participants are creative, innovative and can solve problems all while having fun. TechnOrganic is an Edutainment business that combines Education and Entertainment for learning and fun. We provide Technological Enrichment and Discovery for Girls and Boys, ages 7 to 16.

  • We are Objective Based

    Life is like technology, always growing and spawning new evolution of itself for the better.


    By the end of the educational experience each student should have achieved the goal. There is no specified style of teaching or assessment. Our assessments should all help students achieve the specified outcomes.

  • Exploratory Learning

    Everyone is learning something everyday, good and bad.


    We encourage learners to examine and investigate new material with the purpose of discovering relationships between existing background knowledge and unfamiliar content and concepts.

  • Gamification Consulting 

    Game Development and Game Base Learning 


    Kids love the gaming Industry, we create the roadmap to get in the game!


    The digital divide is more than just the kind of technology kids in underserved communities have. We also expose the kids to the possibility they manifest their dreams. Teaching them to use what they have to make what they want. Cost should never limit your creativity.


    5 games published in the App Store
    Games distributed internationally 
    Written Curriculum on Game Design
    Have exstudents that have jobs in the Industry. 
  • Virtual Reality

    "You've been living in a dream world!"


    Virtual Reality is here!

    TechnOrganic VR , seeks to build awareness around virtual reality. The integration of this technology with the digital natives in a after school environment or a standard elective settings, is a primary objective. Bridging the Digital Divide to expose other to technology on the other side. The experience they receive within VR can gel with the preconceived understanding that they already have and make learning an engaging experience, as well as relevant again.

    VR Packages

    Virtual Reality is is worth every minute!

    $2 per minute
    $55 = 30 minutes (Save $5)
    $95 = 60 minutes (Save $25)

    Partners Deal (2 - 4 Players)
    $50 = 30 minutes (Save $10)
    $90 = 60 minutes (Save $30)

    **Family Deal**
    $40 = 30 minutes

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    10 minutes bonus per Completed client
    Complete 5 get a FREE HOUR

  • Book Time Now!

    Check out our time slots

    40.00 - 80.00
    **Family Deal**
    $40 = 30 minutes
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    50.00 - 90.00
    Partners Deal (2 - 4 Players)
    $50 = 30 minutes (Save $10)
    $90 = 60 minutes (Save $30)
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    Solo Mission
    55.00 - 95.00
    $2 per minute
    $55 = 30 minutes (Save $5)
    $100 = 60 minutes (Save $20)
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  • Drones

    Here's our first troop of adventurers!

    Battle Bot Pilot

    Top Bot, hands down!

    • Sturdy Build 101
    • Last Bot Standing
    • Sumo Champion
    • Steel the Bacon
    • Course Runner
    • Maze Runner
    • Cam Bot

    Red Tail Academy

    I'm like a RC leaf in the wind!

    • Flight 101
    • Limbo
    • Dog Fight
    • Leap Frog
    • Course Runner
    • Capture the Flag
    • D.R.O.N.E. (like Horse)
  • FAQ

    Safe, reliable, and unique.


    Rigorously Tested

    We spare no expense to make sure everything runs smoothly.

    Packages for Battle bots and Drones

    One Small Step


    • Age for children  are between 7-16

    • Programs available for Drone and Robots

    • One time $35 registration fee

    • Only $50 per 90 minutes Single session

    • Only $150 for (4) 90 minutes per Block session

    • Students design and build endless robots per level

    • Multiple levels available, each increasing in complexity

    • ******Ask about our group deals!********


    Launching soon. Tell us why you're ready for last frontier.